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Friday, February 22, 2008

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with loves,

This is end of me, stranger

Friday, August 31, 2007

i'm back again!
wheets :)

back to last friday,
i went to vivenn's 21st birthday party with dolly.
as dolly told me that the dinner would start around 6pm,
so we decided to meet up at 5pm.
i waited for dolly for almost half an hour at buona vista mrt station.
she was late!
and we walked to the NTU clubhouse which is a 10 - 15mins walk!

so we walked toward the clubhouse,
and only then we found out that we need to climb up a hill, and we named it the buona vista hill,
in order to reach the clubhouse.
as we thought it would be quite fast if we cut the steps,
but we were wrong!
we have to follow the walkway up!
so we walked up the hill.
by the time we reached the top,
both of us were dripping water lah!
plus i wore jeans and black shirt!
boo! :(

so finally we reached the top of the hill,
and that time was only 5.45pm!
we thought the timing is just right,
but we were wrong again!
the host, vivenn, reached the place at 7.15pm!
and the dinner start at 7.30pm!

actually, we felt quite neglected there.
cos only both of us are there!
so boring lah!
but we saw ex-staffs from vivenn's ward too.
like xuyin,
the one who owe me mentos till now!
i think most of the staff forgot us liao.
cos there are so many students going there for attachment!
how the hell would they remember right?!

but anyway,
around 8pm,
they started playing games.
and we enjoyed watching lah.
if not there is nothing for us to do!

we wanted to leave at nearly 10pm.
but vivenn said she haven cut her cake yet.
and dun allow us to leave.
so we stayed on till dolly finished the cake!
by that time,
is already 10.30pm!
so we passed her the card that i made,
dolly's present for her,
and we left.

i think i shaked her hand and wished her happy birthday for more than 5 times lah.
but i dun know why.
reached home.
shagged. wash up and sleep!

sorry to yanyin!
i kinda of PS-ed her that day!
sorry sorry!
i dun mean too lah!
but i will give you something in return!
sorry sorry!

the following day,
ms TOH TING YU's birthday!
so met up with yanyin at white sand to shop for her present!
then went to her bbq!

by the time we reached,
got few of her sec school friends were there to help her liao!
so we went there,
rest awhile,
then helped to set fire!

i shall hate charcoal for the time being!
bOO! :(

later, candy and kailing reached and we started talking on and on.
laugh laugh laugh!
then more ppl followed in!

so this the cut-cake time!
yanyin and me brought a packet of relight candle!
but it only worked 1 min after lighted.
so we sang english vision, chinese vision and halfway thru malay vision!
and then,
she had a hard time blowing all the candles!
laugh laugh laugh!
she kept blowing and wondering why the candle relight by itself!

then followed by our "surprize" for her.

then is the cake war!
so lucky,
i din kena any of the cake on me!
then all those to kena cake go wash up,
while others were eating and some leaving!
by 11pm,
almost all left except for a few.

so we were chatting, eating, playing cards.
we stayed till 3am!
and tingyu's uncle drove us home.
i reached home at 3.30am.
washed up. then Zzzzzzz.
so super tiring lah!

sunday morning,
woke up by my mum's nagging!
what is life?!

was half awake, half asleep!
then ate lunch.
and i went to sleep again!
was so super tired lah!

i woke up,
washed up again,
packed my stuffs,
then went out for dinner.

after dinner,
papa drove my mum and me to woodlands
as we are going to my aunite house!

it have been almost 1 year that i went to their house liao!
Oh My God!
this shows how long i never visit them lah!
but i went for 2 days only.

and i am back in spore on tuesday night!
shall go again once i am free!
i promised! :D

and now i am back in spore,
rotting my time at home!
yanyin and kellyn are having their attachment now,
left me alone sia!
BOO! :(

went out with jiaxuan yesterday.
we went bugis at first cos she wanted to pray for her messy lifestyle now!
then walked around,
and proceeded to orchard!
we went there to relax de!
upper body massage!
and she paid for it!
so why not,
laugh laugh laugh!

then walked around,
went to art friend awhile to get black paper for my mum!
and back to home!
rotting again!
bored bored bored!
life is getting no where!

as for today,
another rotting day.
but a big problem happened lah!
now my whole house is in a big mess!
bOO! :(

today going back to bpss!
teachers' celebration!
going to pass things to mummy.

now is already 1.22am!
and i am still blogging!
sleeping time!
nite everyone.
take care!

till then,

signing off with loves and hugs,

This is end of me, stranger

Thursday, August 23, 2007

is time to have fun!
and i shall enjoy my 2 weeks holiday before my attachment starts!

i shall start sorting all my photo out!
and is time to develop photos!
more photos adding to my cupboard!
wOO! :)

then finish up mummy's card!
i owe her for so freaking long!
oppx! :X

still got alot of thing on my list-to-do!
but these two are the most impt ones!
hahas. :D

friends are not forgotten!
so i shall enjoy my company too!

today was my last paper!
everything is over!
waiting for result now,
which around 3 weeks later.

went out dinner with my JIE MEI BANG except hailing.
sort of expected lah!

felt so emo after the dinner
i dun know why.
just feel that everything is not in the right way.
din talk much with them too.
sorry girls! :(

oh ya.
i had a dream last night.
how i wish that it is true.
but i know it will never happen.
is just a dream!
but is good enough!

and ya.
today is the twin's, archana and abi, birthday!
so all the best for both of you!
i sent msg to both of them,
but only abi received it!
archu's hp seem to hate my hp lah!
everytime cant receive my sms de!
so sad! :(
but anway,
at least abi receive it and let archana know!
hahas! :D

tml meeting the bird and kellyn to bugis!
to shop in art friend!
laugh laugh laugh! :D
cos i hate the orchard outlet!
bOO! :(
they are so damn unfriendly!

then going to vivenn's 21st party!
just accompany dolly!
hahas. :D

sat going for tingyu's birthday bbq!
and i have finish up her birthday by tml!
fast fast fast!
i have no time!
time is running away from me!
bOO! :(

to someone:
dun care about me too much.
i am greedy,
i expected more but you disappoint me!

i shall go wash up and take a good rest!
so till then,
take care everyone!

with loves,

This is end of me, stranger

Monday, August 13, 2007

13th august!
the first day of the 7th month!

so girls and boys,
dun stay out too late for this 1 month.
just this 1 month!
hahas ;)

since is the month of august,
wherby there is alot of birthday girls!
so i shall name them first!

- 6th aug : hailing!! [ i wished liao]
- 8th aug: dolly! [ wished liao]
- 9th aug: daphne! [wished liao]
- 9th aug: jieqi! [wished liao]
- 20th aug: jiaxuan!
- 25th aug: tingyu!
- 30th aug: pei xuan!

7 birthday girls!
hahas :)
may all the dream come true! :D

back to me!
i'm sick again.
from just a slight sore throat,
to cough,
to now, breathing difficulties lah!
bOO! :(

plus exams starting in 3 days time!
super no mood and energy to study!
and my stupid throat is irritating me!
nothing can cure me!
bOO! :(
suffering suffering!

and the stupid neighbour is revonating their house lah!
how to study at home?
and i din want to go out!
so sian! :(

everything is bad.
everything is against me!
bOO :(

i shall go somewhere to study alone!
who can help me?
no one! :(

is 3.09pm now.
and i haven started studying yet!
everything sucks!

take care everyone! :0
till then,
with loves,

This is end of me, stranger

Monday, August 06, 2007

happy birthday to my dearest DADA,
just being kind,
i shall not mention your age here!

hope you enjoy today!
as is the actual day!

anwway, is her birthday.
so hope your wishes come true!
with loves!

last sat already celebrated for her.
but i lazy to type out in detail lah.

we ( JIE MEI BANG) went to bugis and have steamboat!
eat till all feel like vomitting!
super full! :(

and even after dinner,
we stll go for dessert round!
bOO! :(

but that's where the suprise comes in!
ying, jas, dada and me went to the dessert shop first.
then sheng wei and yanyin came late with the birthday cake.
and they started singing birthday song from the car!
hahas. :)
it sound funny lah!
and dada was super shocked plus pai sei! :)

after we ate up the cake,
kellyn came over to join us after her DB meeting.

and that is the only birthday, till now, that everyone is present!
and we found out that hailing din not attend any of the JIE MEI BANG's birthday except for mine.
so cool right? :)
but is so unfair to others lah.
sian 1/2

after kellyn joined us,
we went to walk around bugis junction.
and we settled our feet down at coffee bean!

after all the chit-chat and everyhing,
we left and i went to my darl joyce house!

and i go there for a purpose!
to make something which only her laptop has the program!

i must really say that she is very sweet.
keep asking whether i am hungry anot, want more water anot etc.

around 2.10am,
she called for Mac delievery!
but by the time it arrived,
i already slept lah!
so she tried to wake me up,
but too bad,
i am just bloody tired!

oh ya.
one bad thing,
she din cover blanket for me! :(
cos she dun want to wake me up!
so in the end,
i got cold lah! :(
keep archoo-ing in the morning!

but thanks darl!
so sweet! :)

left darl house at 1.30pm.
so i took bus straight down to bugis
to meet sheng wei and we went art friend.
spent around 3 hours there!
that sheng wei is just irritating lah!
i shall not go out with him anymore!
bOO! :(

met yanyin and nicolas at KFC in amk for dinner.
and not suprizing,
i'm the last again.

after dinner,
we walked around amk.
and we rest our feet at kpool.
my usual hang out!

and that sheng wei is being irritating again lah!
keep placing a stupid toy which belongs to his brother around the pocket!
played a few round.
and we went home!

reached home at 10pm!
and i was alone!
so sian and scary ar!:(
i hate being alone at home!

that is how i spent my weekend!
cool right?

This is end of me, stranger

1E, 2D, 3H, 4H, 5E, 6HOPE. townsville primary school
1E4, 2E4, 3E3, 4E3. Bishan park secondary
nyp; nursing NR0623
born on 13th april 1989
mum's and mummy's crazy daughter!
stubborn; crazy!

= i love my family members!
= i love my astro boy!
= i love my blue chocolate from mum! *baci*
= i love black!
= i love all my friends!
= i love number 13.
= i love sunset.
= i love my X400.

^ my family members!
^ my 6th sense. ^ my friends
^ my mum!

- i hate cheat.
- i hate liar.
- i hate smoker.

* have freedom!
* passed my FTT
* finish all my ICA
* illness is away from me

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