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Monday, July 23, 2007

almost 2 weeks din update again.
is more like a habit of updating once in 2 weeks lah.
but i will try to blog more often!

i'm back to school after 3 weeks of attachment.
this ward is really an eye-opener for me lah!
for those who know what i mean,
for the rest who is blur,

and i think catherine got shock when she asked me how i think about this ward!
but i really enjoy my last day in the ward.
so peaceful for me and baoyu!
and i get to see SYAZWANI!
a SN whom i bullied and she bullied back! LOL :)

made three personal card!
one for catherine, syazwani and siti!
hahas. :)
* must be thinking i am very free again right? *

last thursday got posted to zhenghua primary school located at bukit panjang!
super far from me lah.
but luckily, SHS only lasts for 2 days!

oppx, did i mention i was late in the morning?
and i made everyone to wait for me!

i went back to the ward to take my learning guide on thursday.
managed to see archana, chen jing, KL, DEVI, and the CI.
and she got another shock again.
she is a funny one!
LOL :)

attachment at zhenghua is ok!
except that is too far from me!

went to play pool after my attachment on friday!
3 weeks din touch pool liao!
like super weird lah.

met up with yanyin and kellyn first.
then sheng wei, wee teck and hailing joined us at around nealy 10pm.
saw xuanhong and her friends too!
and i won her.
yeah! :)

i din talk much after hailing came.
so like super sian and tired liao.
why am i like that?
i dun know.

reasons she is there when:
1. i dun need her
2. dun feel like talking.
3. i dun know what to say.
4. blur and tired.

i am weird, i know!
hahas. :)

then reached home at 1am!
super tired and i slept!

saturday actually wanted to go donate blood lah.
cos that MS LIM YANYIN lah!
slept until 2pm then wake up can!
in the end just meet up and went bras basah!
to see books.
then ate dinner and went to play pool again!

super stress when playing lah.
they two should know why!
but i managed to get back HER name!
hahas :)

sunday is my slacking day!
din even go out to have dinner with my parents!
and mum brought dinner home for me!
see how lazy can i be!
even lazy to get my own dinner!
so whole day slacking at home doing nothing!
hahas :)

school today is fine!
fun and i miss everyone lah!
like daphne and faizah!
miss them lots can!

school tml again.
having meeting at 9.30am!
hope archana wun be late,
cos all the information is with her.
i better pray hard and give her more morning call!

oh ya.
i miss my chocolate supplier too!
hahas. :)

oh one more!
hope mummy will have more rest.
been sms-ing her quite often last week.
and she had been burning midnight oil lah.
hope she take care of herself then!
shall go visit her soon!

2 more weeks to go before i update again?
let's see!
take care everyone!
with loves,

This is end of me, stranger

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

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This is end of me, stranger

Monday, July 09, 2007

finally i am back to blogging.
and JC, stop complaining that i din blog!
you should be glad that i still talk to you now!
bOO! :(

but oh,
i'm like almost 2 weeks din update lah.
neither in VOX too.
2 blogs seem pointless now.
bOO :(

back to topic.
quite alot of events during this 2 weeks!
so happening sia!

school is a boring topic,
so just skip that

oh ya.
zone1 gamesday @30th june.
held at BPSS.
quite shocked when yanyin told me that vasu actually allow lah. :o

is fun going back to help once in a while.
see all the familiar faces.
hahas :)

but something bad lah,
the injury rate are high and almost all are instructors!
how cool right?

and i haven receive any photos from my junior yet!
i shall contact ming jie sir who took photos for that day!

but i got to see MS HU HAILING on that day.
happy or sad? :(
she went back to get her o's level result,
but the office is closed!
so we chatted awhile and i went off to helped yanyin.
nothing to chat with her leh :(

and i got to see mummy!
this one sure :D de lah!
she came around 1pm and muthu went home.
went out to buy lunch with her, and i got a 1.5 litre of ice lemon tea!
was with her most of the time.
cause got to walk around to helped yanyin also!
but most of the time i am walking toward the gate to open for helpers and teachers.
and she still dun allow me to take bike license.
super sad sia.
i know what she is worrying about.
so yeah,
i have to wait till she approved.

mummy was the funny one.
she broken something and asked me for help.
but in the end,
she settled it in a very smart way!

i suffered from some injuries too.
like both legs cramp, alot of cuts on my leg and hand etc....
cramp happen very often.
even till now, i'm still suffering from it.
bad sia.

but partly also due to attachment,
cos keep standing.

talking about attachment,
i'm in ward 45 now.
is a bad one.
not the staff i am talking about.
is the student from another group.
real bitches.
now, even the ENs are complaining about one of them lah.
super funny!

she actually can sit down in front of the patient and tell us she is very hot.
as if we are not?!
and one more,
she can actually sleep on the table when passing reports!
how cool sia!

they like super slacked lor.
always act in front of the CI only!
i shall tahan them for this attahcment!
bOO! :(

but i learnt something new from them today:
are true friend real true friend?
think about it.

the staffs are nice people.
like jane, the one i always make fun of. cos she is always in sleepy face! :D
huiyun, who always bully me when she is very free lah!
one more, but i forgot her name, also another one who always playing with me!
a 1year old SN!

not forgetting to mention about our CI,
she is good too. :)
just like xiao rong,
she is always in the ward!
doing assessments, looking after us lah.
one thing for sure,
she will never be late,
cos her timing very accurate one!
and she is always the one who chased us for breaks! hahas.

days left for attachment: 7days!
last two days are SHS!
finally no need to see those bitches face!

talking about number 07,
happy birthday to yanyin, da neng and my newborn cousin!
i celebrated twice for yanyin's birthday!
is such a meaningful birthday lah!

my cousin is born on that day!
and when she grow up and start telling others her birthday,
is like so meaningful.
" my birthday is 7 july and i'm born in 2007. "
*envy envy*

back to yanyin's birthday celebration.
on the friday night,
me, kellyn, peiying, jas, nick went to KKH to wait for yanyin.
end up we meet up in prata house.
partly cos we went to the wrong level,
and she left by another exit lor!

went to eat supper at prata house.
and sheng wei joined in.
and we cut the cake in prata house.
sound weird ar?!
the indians sang birthday song too!

went home around 1am!
i was the only one in my room.

went out the next day with tingyu, sheng wei and yanyin at 5pm.
then met up with emily, sandy and jade.
so the 7 of us went to fish & co for dinner!
see number 7 again?
reached home around 12 plus.
but luckily is saturday!
i can sleep all i want!

JIE MEI BANG all present except hailing.
like i said,
there is no birthday that everyone will be there.
right yanyin?

till now,
not mine birthday, not jas's birthday, not shengwei's birthday and yanyin's birthday.
whose birthday is next?
and i bet not everyone of JIE MEI BANG will be there.
the worse is no one!

happy birthday to yanyin, daneng and my cousin!

stayed at home the whole day on sunday to rest.
super slack sia.
there's nothing for me to do too.
spent my day resting my feet till 9.30pm,
i went out to meet yanyin, peiying and jas!
came back before 10pm.
fast sia.

thanks peiying for the astroboy passport holder!

i think that's all.
spent more than 1 hour to update.
super tired now

tml morning shift!
so i need to wake up early again!

so night everyone!
take care,
especially darl joyce ar!
see ya soon!

with loves plus sleepy,

This is end of me, stranger

1E, 2D, 3H, 4H, 5E, 6HOPE. townsville primary school
1E4, 2E4, 3E3, 4E3. Bishan park secondary
nyp; nursing NR0623
born on 13th april 1989
mum's and mummy's crazy daughter!
stubborn; crazy!

= i love my family members!
= i love my astro boy!
= i love my blue chocolate from mum! *baci*
= i love black!
= i love all my friends!
= i love number 13.
= i love sunset.
= i love my X400.

^ my family members!
^ my 6th sense. ^ my friends
^ my mum!

- i hate cheat.
- i hate liar.
- i hate smoker.

* have freedom!
* passed my FTT
* finish all my ICA
* illness is away from me

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